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Missio Dei

The Mission Possible God!

Do you know that God is Missional? That is God is the Missio Dei-the God of Mission--the Sending God. Sometimes we get things 'twisted' and we convince ourselves that we are the one's with the plan, that we are the ones with the vision and we do the sending. NOPE! The truth is--God sends people of God to carry forth God's Mission and not the other way around. Within God's economy, humanity exists, acts and serves under the mandate, the call and the divine direction of the uncreated One who creates and who loves the creation.

What's more---people are called to be disciples-a body of united believers who assemble. This assembly may be in an institution or a formal structure like a temple, chapel or church or it may be a gathering that meets in a home. Regardless of form and structure, disciples-believers are called to carry out the Great Commission--to be partners, earthly evangelists with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To Share the Good News and Be the Good News----that is to be and share the soothing/healing 'balm', to bind up broken hearts and set those in physical, spiritual, and mental bondage free.

Evangelism is not easy but why should it be? Evangelism is not that deep either. It is about presence and touch---sharing your story through testimony, being transparent, finding comfort in trusting, freely establishing relationships, and most importantly authenticity. When you meet someone on the street, in the grocery store, on the train, bus or wherever---have a conversation, find comfort in sharing freely---it does not have to start with God---but don't be ashamed or afraid if it ends up with God. Permit the Holy Spirit to move and act in the encounter. Talk about how God has and is blessing you--and guess what--you will be surprised what happens next. This is part of the God's mission and we are co-laborers in the mission--While it may seem like an impossible mission from a fleshly sense---it is indeed a Mission made Divinely Possible!

Matthew 28:18-20

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