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Feed My Sheep-Love

Thy Neighbors

It is an honor and a privilege to serve those who are living with "their backs up against the wall." When a faith community chooses to intentionally get up and go out and be present with those who are experiencing homelessness and 'houselessness' they are usually the one's being blessed more so than those served. Deciding to do this does not take month long planning, only the desire to stop talking and begin to do.

Certainly their is nothing wrong with donations made to your local food bank. But their is nothing more meaningful to those in the margins of despair than the a TOUCH from a hand, a hug from a friend and a portable lunch and bottle of water.

HoH will show your faith community how to effectively begin a ministry that serves the homeless. Initially, it seems a bit daunting, perhaps even frightening but eventually you will find this ministry to so spiritually enriching to both the servant and the served that you will wonder why you did not engage sooner.

To Begin you need the following:

  • An open mind
  • A servants heart
  • A desire to embrace what is difficult
  • An ability to work through making mistakes
  • Brown paper bags
  • Bread and sandwich meat [turkey and ham]
  • Individual bags of chips,cookies and bottles of water
  • Zip lock bags for condiments, napkin and a mint
  • Zip lock bags for hygiene kits [toothpaste, floss, lotion, soap and sanitary napkins]

For more information or to receive training through shadowing, contact


Feed My Sheep-Providing for the Basic Needs of those in the Beloved Community

preached-proclaimed Word of God is not simply a message to edify but it should encourage and deposit a charge in the hearts and hands of the hearer. Sunday's with Neighbors is a missional model that promotes theological reflection, discipleship, evangelism, fellowship and service. Sunday's with Neighbor's helps people in pulpit, pew and pavement to shift their thinking from:

  • Internal to External
  • Program Development to Disciple and Servant Development
  • From Church-Based to Kingdom-Based

The strategy is organic and simply challenges disciples to bring the Word to life. This may be achieved by inviting the community to fellowship over coffee and donuts, church movie night, a cookout or just a neighborhood 5k, volleyball or softball game. Whatever activity that engages disciples and invites neighbors to interact together and mutually share is the goal of this model.

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