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Sixth Baptist Church

Sixty Sowers Ministry

Sixty Sowers, [SS] is an intensive ministerial campaign of Sixth Baptist Church purposed to find and implement innovative methods to seek out and find the lost within our own community. This campaign will be powered by five seed groups each focusing on a unique area of sowing into our communities, yielding a harvest of new and rededicated believers. As a part of deploying SS] at Sixth Baptist Church, [SBC] a three-part Sowers Boot Camp will be conducted to prepare each of the seed groups to serve.

Sixty Sowers is a faith campaign powered by five seed groups with twelve people in each group.

The five seed groups are outlined below:

  • The Reseeding Group-This group Sows seeds to produce great harvest from our existing membership by engaging and informing about the Good News. Activities include activation and maintenance of phone trees, extending invitations to worship to the community, various teaching and ministry opportunities.
  • Digital Ministry Group-Sow seeds that evangelize the community through digital mediums such as YouTube, Social networking such as Facebook, and Twitter.
  • New Generation Group-Sow seeds specifically designed to harvest lost pre-teens, teens and young adults. Examples of this group's work include innovative youth worship experience and Christian open mic's and poetry nights.
  • Christian Kindness Group-Sow thoughtful seeds of Christian kindness in unexpected and unconventional places throughout the community. Examples of this group's work include visiting nursing home patients who may not be able to attend church, and organizing food drives for non members in need.
  • The Sunday Morning Group-Sow seeds through one-on-one evangelism in the SBC community on select Sunday mornings prior to morning worship service.

Sixty Sowers is open to Sixth Baptist Church members and non-members. For more information, contact

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