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Ebenezer Baptist Church

Ebenezer Baptist Church is located in downtown Richmond. Founded in 1858, Ebenezer is a historic African-American Baptist Church with a heart for mission in the Jackson Ward communities and throughout the world. For more than a century and a half, Ebenezer Baptist Church has stood as a beacon making a joyful noise unto the Lord, and representing the endurance of the human spirit. Our mission efforts extend into the world. Our doors are open to all people.

The Vision

EBC's vision is to maintain the historic site of the Ebenezer Baptist Church and to elevate Ebenezer's presence in the Jackson Ward community. The community needs EBC and EBC needs the community. In order to be the "beacon on the corner" of Leigh and Judah Streets, disciples must be engaged as partners with the community and involved in advocacy efforts. This collaboration must be apparent to those residents in the community east and west of the church.

Together we will develop more significant relationships and visible outreach ministries to better reach and serve the Church's neighbor's in the Jackson Ward community. It is time to take EBC to another level of outreach and service that exemplifies our motto, "The People's Church". EBC intends to explore and implement ministries and programs which focus on the concerns and needs of our neighbors.

There is a need for a Family Life Center for families and residents in the community as well as members of our congregation. The amenities of this facility will be shared by the congregation and the community. This facility will allow us to provide empowerment programs for young people; HIV/AIDS awareness and education, and other priority civic issues, i.e. tutoring and mentoring ministries will be included. This vision is encouraged by the pastor and people's faith and trust in God to make this vision of the creation of the Beloved Community a Richmond reality.

The Mission Statement

We are the redeemed people of God, through Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit to love one another, to become good stewards of all His resources and to minister to all humanity in His name.

We are resolved to achieve this mission and promote the Kingdom of God on earth by an emphasis upon spiritual growth through educational programs and worship; by programs of stewardship development; by the development of church-wide fellowship; and by Christian servanthood through community outreach ministries and evangelism.

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