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Poverty Simulator

The Poverty Simulation is a unique tool that practitioners, churches and faith communities can use to educate members about the day to day realities experienced by those in the margins, who are unemployed or underemployed---who are unable to make ends meet because of a lack of money. This simulation seeks to amplify the level of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual stress that poverty places on children, parents, families and community.

Similar to modeling and role-play, The Poverty Simulation is not a game but a highly interactive learning laboratory where participants are invited to assume the roles of low-income families, agency personnel and volunteers in order to gain insight into the challenges faced by persons "with their backs against the wall". Characters range from single parents trying to juggle child care, school and work, seniors trying to choose between medication and food to children enduring school bully's. The task for each character or family is to provide food, shelter and other basic necessities during the simulation while interacting with various governmental and community agencies and resources.

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