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Ministry Practitioner Tools

Faith and Community Collaboration

Together We are Strong!

Hamlets of Hope [HoH] is founded on the belief that our faith partner's needs are of the utmost importance.

Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As such, we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and to collaborate with you to enhance your ministries as you work to develop disciples committed to DOING ministry and SERVING those silenced, invisible, and forgotten individuals and neighborhoods as collectively we work for justice, peace, liberty, equity and the Beloved Shalom Community!

Hamlets of Hope [HoH] offers churches and faith institutions with out of the box ministry solutions.

  • Are you looking to be spiritually and evangelistically healthy, vibrant, and fit?
  • What are you doing outside the walls of your church to fulfill the vision, mission, and goals of your church?
  • How are you cultivating a ‘Doing Ministry’?
  • Are you looking to re-energize your disciples, but lack the tools and the resources to put plans in motion?
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