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Mount Zion United


Nestled in the bucolic setting of Pasadena, Maryland is Mount Zion United Methodist-Magothy. This church is led by Pastor Sonia L. King. Mount Zion UMC serves as a gathering place for it's members and the surrounding community. Mount Zion hosts numerous events, provides various ministries, including Christian music activities that target its members as well as the community. The Zion Stompers softball team also hails from Mt. Zion UMC.

The Vision

To glorify God through the promptings of the Holy Spirit in all we do, as visible reminders of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the entire world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Win souls for Christ and to share the good news through our Witness. MZUM is charged to discern, call, empower, equip, send, train,and support Disciples for a faith adventure that produces Acts 2 fruit while Serving God, the church, community, and family to the best of our ability.

HoH Update: At the initial planning meeting several items were discussed and considered as a part of Mount Zion UMC serving as a pilot.

Initial interest is focused on developing an outreach ministry by and for the Youth and Young Adults to serve and minister with their homeless neighbors in the Pasadena and Baltimore, Maryland communities including the surrounding wooded areas where there are Tent Cities for homeless and displaced families.

More to Come!

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