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Missio Dei
Does One Size Fit All?
Butterflies Die in Sealed Jars...


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Missio Dei

TheMission PossibleGod!

Do you know that God is Missional?  That is God is theMissio Dei-the God of Mission--the Sending God.  Sometimes we get things 'twisted' and we convince ourselves that we are the one's with the plan, that we are the ones with the vision and we do the sending.  NOPE!  The truth is--God sends people of God to carry forth God's Mission and not the other way around. Within God's economy, humanity exists, acts and serves under the mandate, the call and the divine direction of the uncreated One who creates and who loves the creation.

Does One Size Fit All?

Perhaps it is time for us to really think about this 'New Thing' that we often claim we want.  This 'New Thing' requires us to have renewed minds which enables us to embrace New Ways.  This 'New Thing' should lead us to rethink our approach, to even re-think the institutional church and the fact that there is no such thing asONE SIZE FITS ALL.   With the changing landscape, and the challenges to just Be and survive---A "Faith Gathering" might be a legitimate option where a person is able to worship, praise, and serve God.

Butterflies Die in Sealed Jars...

From Pew to Pavement and from Pavement to Pew: Disciples as Worshippers, Stewards, Evangelists, Social Justice Advocates and Missionaries Engaged in Christian Community Development Ministry
Today the faith community continues to be challenged by those who question its relevance in the world.[1]  Foremost in the minds of many is whether the faithful can legitimately lead or are we doomed to follow?  Are we really being salt and light to the world?  Given the culture, is the church able to be a catalyst of transformation?
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