Hamlet's of Hope - Helping to Move People of Faith from the Pulpit and Pew to the Pavement
Hamlets of Hope Pilot Sites, Pastors & Partners

Rev. Dr. Derek T. Shakleford
Frederick, MD 21701
Rev. Dr. Jalene Chase Sands
Washington, DC

Rev. Dr. Levy M. Armwood
Richmond, Virginia

Rev. Harold Dean Trulear, Ph.D.
Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Sonia King
Pasadena, Maryland

Rev. Dr. Yvonne Jones Bibbs
Senior Pastor
Richmond, Virginia

Our Pilot sites have agreed to and completed MOU's to partner with HoH to pilot test existing ministry models and/or develop and customize new frameworks.  These transformational ministry models are designed to  assist in supporting the  vision, mission and ministries of their church or faith institutions.  HoH's ministerial practitioners are highly skilled in collaborating with churches, faith communities and organizations  committed to not only 'being' and 'knowing' the Word but to 'doing' and 'proclaiming' the Word.  

We embrace the belief and are guided by the Living Word of God. In this way, we stand as  witnesses and servants --- as  the Word of God comes alive through Ministry in Action purposed to serve with-[not to] the broken, bruised, bound and battered people throughout the world.

Our tools and resources are readily available to share and be replicated in an effort to grow an international Community of Ministerial Practice[COMP] able to share knowledge and expertise in Sowing and Serving in the Vineyard.

Our Pilots are focused on transforming pastor and people by engaging them in transformational - Missional Ministry.

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